Abigail - a woman of wisdom

Our story begins...

a very riveting story of two men and Abigail.  It is full of suspense, hostility, abuse, rage, vengeance, pending massacre, a passionate cry for peace, and finally an unforeseen love story.  It would be just like watching any of the soap operas on tv but in this case the people you are about to meet are real.

And now the rest of the story...

After David and Saul had their falling out and went their separate ways David ended up settling in the land where Nabal kept his goats and sheep.  David had protected the flocks and Nabal's men from the robbers who at any time would come and raid the flocks and kill the men. 


At sheep sheering season it was always a festive time with lots of cash flowing, partying and food to finish off their hard work.  It was also customary to include those that had protected your flocks which in this case would be David and his men.  Yet, when David asked for his portion Nabal laughed at him and refused to share anything with him.  The result of this was total outrage in David who called for the killing of not just Nabal but all of his men too.  Now both men are furious and reactionary - one is drunk, arrogant, and laughing David off and the other is full of rage and wanted revenge for being brushed off.



Enter our hero...

With the plans in place for a complete wipeout of the all the men in the area something had to be done and done fast.  You see women who had no husbands to care for them were to cared for by the husbands brothers but in this case many of them would have also been killed.  This would have left the women with nothing and forced to beg on the streets or take to prostitution to care for their children. 

Here comes our rescuer... Abigail! With a tremendous amount of courage and wisdom she goes to David.   



Her plan...

Abigail takes a feast of food and drink for David and his men.  Her plan is to get him full and then plead for the lives of her husband and the other men.  When she begins to speak she acknowledges the fact of what Nabal has done and tells him about how wherever he goes he does foolish things in fact even his name means fool . 


Then she does something that most of us can not even attempt to understand.  She asks David to transfer his anger of Nabal onto her!!  That's right, she said she would take the blame for Nabal's actions.  She told him if he had sent his men to her right away she would have given them the food immediately. This was so dangerous because David could have called for her immediate death. 



She isn't done yet...

With his belly full, someone taking responsibility, David has saved face, but Abigail isn't done yet.  Next, she reminds David that vengeance is God's not mans. Then she brings up how God can hurl our enemies lives from a sling (1 Samuel 25:29),  Ouch... there is that sling again and memories of Goliath come back to David.  Abigail isn't done yet.  She goes on to tell him that God will deal with Nabal in his way and his time. Abigail finishes it off by telling David that if he carried out his plan it would be no different than the way Saul treated him.  He is destined to become king and he would be starting it with a large group of enemies from Nabal's tribe, the tribe of Israel. 




Abigail has done it!  David calls off his men and Abigail goes home knowing that the men, women and families are safe from imminent death and destruction.  God did deal with Nabal and his incredibly poor attitude and action as Nabal died 10 days later.  Abigail didn't need someone from Nabal's family to take of her though because once David heard of his death he asked Abigail to be his wife.  Once again God made a bad situation good because she was ready and willing to be used by Him.

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In this time of not knowing what is coming tomorrow we have to remember that God is still with us.

The news media and the governments keep telling us how bad it is and yes it is horrible but God is still with us

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