Receiving a break today

Have you ever had a party or been to a party where someone has crashed it just to meet the guest of honor?



That is exactly what happened to Simon (Luke 7:36-50), he was holding a dinner with a very special guest - Jesus himself was attending!!  There was a very elaborate protocol that usually took place for special guests.  Since they wore sandals , a basin of water was given for the guest to wash the dust off his feet.  Opps, Simon forgot to do this.  Next, a brotherly kiss was given  but Simon forgot that one too.  Finally, a drop of oil was placed on the special guests head.  You got it, Simon forgot.  


Don't worry though because a surprise guest is coming who will do that and more.  Now in those days, women were not allowed to sit down for a meal to eat with the men.  In fact, they weren't even allowed to attend and that is why when this woman showed up it was unheard of.   Not wanting to make a scene Simon must have thought Jesus would send her on her way but he did not.  I am sure there were gasps of shock from the other men because everyone knew her as a terrible sinner with a very bad reputation.  The amplified bible calls her "especially wicked sinner." 


Let It Go!!  Once and for all Let it Go!!!

We are never told her name but we can insert our name for whatever sin that we have been hiding in our hearts and we need to let go of once and for all.  


Two things we know for sure; she knew Jesus would be there for she brought an Alabaster jar with her filled with expensive perfume and she knew that Jesus could help her find forgiveness.  She had been a prisoner to her sin and she wanted to be released.  


When Jesus acknowledged her presence she was overcome with emotion of thankfulness and shame.  She cried so much that she washed his feet with her tears.  She was oblivious to the stares and chastising that must have been coming for the crowd of men whom many knew her and had visited her bed.  I don't know how I would react in a situation where the entire room was staring right at me and making such rude comments about me.  Could I stay or would I run?   This brave lady stayed and continued.  


Now his feet were wet and with no towel to dry them she did another unthinkable act - she released her hair.  Women were not to have their hair loose in public but after releasing it she used it to dry his feet.  Her focus was on Jesus and serving him at that moment and nothing else mattered.  


Like many of us have done to a newborn baby she then took his feet once again in her hands and covered them with kisses.  This lady was a true risk taker.  If Jesus had not accepted her she would have been in so much trouble at this point.  


Outrageous Affection

Her final act was to take that beautiful Alabaster box with very expensive perfume in it and pour it over his feet.  Simon must have been reeling inside.  How dare she do this?  She is ruining my celebration!  Who does she think she is anyway?  She is nothing but a harlot to be used by men for their pleasure not to be honored and valued.  Yet Jesus acknowledged her as forgiven.    "Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” Luke 7:47 NIV


Moving ON

Why do I tell you this particular story?  Jesus is there ready and very willing to show you love and forgiveness - all you need to do is ask.   No matter what you have done or said in the past matters when you ask Jesus for help.  Then comes the hard part you have to forgive yourself too.  He tells us our sins are cast as far as the east is from the west  Psalm 103:12.  Give yourself a break today and let go of the past.  You can't change it but you can direct your future.

Be blessed and encouraged in your walk.   


Future Study


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In this time of not knowing what is coming tomorrow we have to remember that God is still with us.

The news media and the governments keep telling us how bad it is and yes it is horrible but God is still with us

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