Rollercoasters vs life




After attending the Calgary Stampede I started to think about how life is so much like a giant rollercoaster ride. Here are a few similarities that I have come up with.


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Help one another

Bow River - Calgary AB
June 30, 2013

 June 20th will be a day that many will not easily forget.  It all started as any other rainy day with lots of big grey clouds and more rain in the forecast.  How could any of us have known that this would be a day that would go down as one of the worst storms in Alberta history. 


In only a few short hours our province as we knew would be changed forever.  The rain this time would come as a torrential downpour that would tear up roads, make streams and valleys were there were none before and snap houses off their foundations like they were mere matchsticks.  The buckets of rain kept on coming and coming and coming until entire communities were ordered to evacuate for their own safety.

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In this time of not knowing what is coming tomorrow we have to remember that God is still with us.

The news media and the governments keep telling us how bad it is and yes it is horrible but God is still with us

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